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Top 3 Album Covers Feb 2006

March 5, 2006

I like these two fusion masters. Their names are very rougishly cool. Badmarsh is a take on the hindi word ‘badmash’ which means ‘rougue or rascal’. And Shri can be a name of a person or the suffix in Hindi for Mr. Together they are a more refined elegant duo of the bass & drum hindi electronic fusion movement popularised by more mainstream bands like Medieval Punditz, Talvin Sign, Asian Underground etc. This half face shot of the duo in shades of yellow and blue is a digitally divine cover.

The second best features Moby’s meditation on the world through the glass and steel of an urban highrise. While the third is a Scandinavian-influenced minimalistic gem from the Finnish electronic group Nuspirit Helsinki.

moby   NuspiritHelsinki-SelfTitled.jpg


Top 3 Movies Feb

March 2, 2006

Wallace & Gromit  Corpse Bride

Got to watch Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit and the Tim Burton dark tale of love The Corpse Bride. Both are worth its creators mettle and prowess in lucid storytelling. At a time when everybody’s raving about the Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks CGI brilliance it was great to see two basic miniature figure based stop-motion animation movies break the box office registers. Also this years Oscar is a two way fight between Wallace & Gromit and the Corpse love story. The third movie incidentally is the Japanese animated Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m rooting for the ironic British cheeseloving inventor and his intelligent silent dog to take home the golden statue.

In many ways Wallace & Gromit reminds me of my other all-time favorite Tintin & Snowy. I think the Aardman Productions creator Nick Park’s storytelling brilliance is in the raport between Wallace the cheese-loving impeccable dry-witted British inventor who’s always trying his wit’s end at new inventions to make his cheesy-breezy life easier as opposed to his dog Gromit who doesn’t speack but has a thousand intelligent expressions on his face at his master’s audacity and folly. As the brits say its a lovely splendid brilliant movie.


The third movie worth mentioning is actually a Bollywood one called Rang De Basanti, which is sort of a brilliant concept movie by a maverick adman turned director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. The plotline is about the new culturally aware MTV generation of India coming to terms with its pre-independence past. Past and present are subtly juxtaposed in the narrative. It’ll be a visual treat for non-Indian’s who haven’t seen much Bollywood flicks. Definitely worth checking out. For Indians though the second part of the movie is a bit long drawn out and too preachy in an unrealistic way. But we can’t complain. It’s Bollywood magical realism. Right? Whatever it is this movie is definitely worth one viewing for its bravura ensemble performance led by Aamir Khan and the visual brilliance of director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.

Top 3 Album Covers Jan 2006

February 26, 2006

Chemical Brothers

This Chemical Brothers album cover is an absolute classic!!

These two are quite interesting and deserves mention…

Scritti-Politti Mololoko

Top 3 Movies Jan 2006

February 26, 2006

Crash Downfall Mondovino

Crash is racism and emotional chaos in the cultural cornucopia of modern day LA.

Downfall is a riveting account of the last days of Hitler. Not many movies have focused this intensly and with pin precise detail on what was happening on the higher echelons of German power during the fall of the Third Reich.

Mondovino is a sort of improvisational handheld documentary on the changes that globalization has brought about in the global wine industry. Has pretty in depth interviews and personal snapshots of the most proficient players in the wine-making profession.