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Game Over

July 12, 2006

One month of sheer tension and excitement has come to an end. We all wanted a dream fairytale ending for one fo these guys: David Beckham (England), Luis Figo (Portugal), Zinadine Zidane (France), Cafu (Brazil). But in the end it all ended with a spectacular Azzuri victory.

Italian Yang

Italy : Yang (5 goals in penalty shootout)

French Yin

France : Yin (Only 3 goals in penalty shootout)


Third Place Applause

July 9, 2006

The winners of third place has been declared after a well-faught match (which unfortunately I missed. What a shame). Here’s the Yin-Yang of it.

German Yang

Germany : Yang (with 3 goals)

Portuguese Yin

Portugal : Yin (with 1 goal)

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Joy and Tears (Part II)

July 6, 2006

One penalty is all it took to change the emotions of two nations at play. Here’s the final verdict…

Freanch Yang

France : Y version 2 A N G

Portuguese Yin

Portugal : Y Ii N

[Spell with Flickr did the Yin-Yang font jobs]

Joy and Tears

July 5, 2006

The bloodbath has begun and the unexpected heroes of the host nation are out. What an unbelievable match. So here’s the final verdict…

Italian Yang

Italy : y big-ass A N 014 G

German Yin

Germany : Y i N

[Yin-Yang fonts courtesy of ‘Spell with Flickr’]

Of Faces and Flags (Group H)

July 5, 2006

A tribute to the heroic fans of the final group – Group H.

Saudi Fan  Tunisian Fan

Spanish fan  Ukrainian Fan

[Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Spain fan photos courtesy of]

Of Faces and Flags (Group G)

July 2, 2006

Those patriotic heroic souls and spirits of Group G.

French fan  Korean Fan

Swiss Fan   Togo-Fan

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Quarterfinals Yin-Yang

July 2, 2006

Victory and defeat. The agony and the ecstasy. The Yin-Yang of two spectacular world cup quarterfinal fights.

Portuguese Yang

Yang for Portugal

English Yin

Yin for England

France Yang

Yang for France

Brazil Yin

Yin for Brazil

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Of Faces and Flags (Group F)

July 2, 2006

A salute to the superheroes of Group F.

Aussie Fan  Brazilian Fan

Japanese fan  Croatian Fan

[Photo Courtesy: (Australia) / (Brazil) / (Japan) / Flickr:Lefootoir (Croatia)

Yin & Yang of Soccer

July 1, 2006

For every victory, someone has succumbed to defeat. Only the UN or corporate mergers & acquisitions lawyers would beg to differ and say it’s a win-win situation for all. For all else it’s the good-old Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang. For every sunshine is preceded by darkness (makes us appreciate the light even more). Happiness (yang) is acheived if only we see what misery (yin) really is. Boosts the feeling of happiness to a whole new level.

Enough of the philosophy crap. I guess you already got the point. So here’s the Yin-Yang of the first two quarter-finals of the World Cup.

German Yang

Germany – Yang

Argentine Yin

Argentina – Ying

Italian Yang

Italy – Yang

Ukranian Yin
Ukraine – Yin

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July 1, 2006

Introducing the ‘RoboCoach’ of Fifa World Cup 2006 – the sensational Marco Van Basten of Nederlands.

Van-Basten2 Van-Basten1


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