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Feeling the Force

September 30, 2006

Am back in Chennai, India and have about a month of free time to do whatever I please, before I head off and spin the account planning turntable at McCann Erickson Singapore. What better time to catch up on things that you have been planning to do for sometime, but never got to do. And for me one of those things was watching the Star Wars series from Episode I to ‘The Return of the Jedi’. It’s the right time to recapture the technological and storytelling grandeur of the sci-fi epic saga by watching it in chronological order.

I just finished Episode I: The Phantom Menace and in fact sort of liked it way better than I did when I first watched it on the big screen back in 1999. I think the superb DVD quality and getting to watch it plonked in the comforts of your brand new lazy boy chair gives it a new dimension. And you can put subtitles on (when Jar-Jar Bings opens his mouth) and go back and forth between scenes at your own whim and fancy. Catch bits of dialogue you missed, get to watch the podracing sequence three times in a row and catch up on some amazing behind the scenes featurettes.

And before I sign off here’s some Star Wars wisdom from the hero and mentor of Episode I, Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn.



And last but not the least…



Keep on Trekking

August 27, 2006

Star Trek Vegas Celebration
The Trekkies are celebrating their 40th year of existence on this planet. According to a Washigton Post article, it has gone from its original mandate of “To boldly go where no man has gone before,” to capture the hearts and minds of some 250 million souls out there through six television series and 10 movies. It was first aired on Spetember 8, 1966.

The biggest celebration was a 3-day gala event at the Las Vegas Hilton. For three days, Elvis got sidelined as one thousand and one flying Spocks descended down on Vegas.

Across the Atlantic there’s this intriguing Star Trek crop maze in York, England.

Star Trek Maze