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Jabr-Woky has Migrated

October 9, 2006

Shadow Navigator
This blog has migrated to Jabr-Woky at Typepad. It’s a new experiment in chronicling my random thoughts and observations using the TypePad blogging software. Hope you guys enjoy the mumbo-jumbo at the same old newly dressed up blog.


Room with a View

August 14, 2006

Room with a View

Chennai has sunshine pretty much throughout the year. The heat can get unbearable in the peak of summers. Which is why the balcony doors are kept open, so that while I am whiling away my time on the computer blogging and flickering and checking mails and what-not, I can get this nice view and some air to keep me cool.

Monkey Business

August 12, 2006

Monkey See Monkey Do

The same 12 year-old cousin (mentioned in the post right below) was seen wearing this T-shirt with the quirky little character on the front and back.

Pallava Wedding

August 11, 2006

Yesterday night, I was at a wedding reception of a cousin. It was a nice evening at the Hotel Ambassador Pallava in Chennai with some close family, friends and other interesting folks. The bride and the groom looked awesome and a little lost (probably in love or due to the hangover of the earlier celebrations). The food was great and yummy. And while everyone was celebrating my roving third eye also spotted these ecclectic bunch of characters in and around the hotel lobby and surroundings.

Warriors  Dancing Devi

Peacock  Krishna Boy

Shiva  Pillar of Gods

One Year of Togetherness

August 9, 2006

happy anniversary

Finally, on August 7th (two days back) our prized day came. Which is to say a year passed since we tied the knot and entered that bitter, sweet and wonderful zone called wedded bliss. And in addition to all the love and adulation from all our loved near and dear ones (thank you all!!), we got a super-duper cake with both our names spelled wrong. At least it’s a relief that both of us are in this mispelled celebration together.

Ordinary Inspirators

July 26, 2006

I’ve been quite comfortable with using WordPress. So decided to try out how Blogger scores. Would have ideally wanted to put my blog on Typepad, but it comes at a price unfortunately. This theme has been playing in my mind for quite some time to put together writups and other digital links and stuff to interesting people I come across everyday in the real and cyber worlds I inhabit for work and otherwise. Plus it would be a great place to archive the works and links of the people that I’m continuously inspired by. So a new blog called “Ordinary Inspirators” has been launched by me, as of today.

Check it out and I assure you hopefully you’ll find some interesting personalities profiled in it. Upcoming personality profiles include John Maeda, Joe Sacco, Russell Davies to name a few.

Happy Birthday to Me

July 12, 2006

It’s been a fantastic three decades on this wonderful planet, full of disappointments, surprises, excitement, failures, modest victories and all sorts of mundane (and occasionally fruitful) learning experiences. And today, as I enter my fourth decade (that wonderful era called the thirties, yes am a thirty-something as of today!), with much reluctance (do we have a choice?), this t-shirt pretty much captured the mood of the times… don’t have a clue as to what (or why) the cow is doing up there…

Happy Birthday

I am Blessed!!

June 24, 2006

F A U Z Cimetière Montparnasse A s

K I T Cc H E from water access cover N - Sabatino\

I usually don't write or blog about personal matters like family, friends and like. But I had to blog in about the culinary delights of my mother-in-law, Fauzia, who's a fantastic cook. I am truly blessed to get to eat all the great Malabari Mappilah epicurian delights that she cooks up.

She runs a small niche take-out service for North Kerala Muslim cuisine from her home in Chennai, India. And she was featured in the Metro section of The Hindu newspaper. You can read the article and feel envious of me.

I am truly blessed to be served up my all-time favorite native cuisine whenever I am at my wife's place in Chennai. Which I am right now…:-)

[Fauzias Kitchen graphics courtesy of Erik Kastner's Spell with Flickr