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My Oscar ‘Best Picture’ Favorites

July 24, 2006

The Oscars has been over long time back, and, yesterday after I finished watching the movie ‘Good Night, And Good Luck’, I figured that I had watched the last of this year’s Oscar ‘Best Picture’ nominees. Even though this year has not had a crop of phenomenal nominees like past years, it’s been one with its own fair share of controversies and triumphs filled with characters ranging from gay cowboys to ordinary LA citizens to Israeli secret servicemen to a successful author and a pioneering newsman.

So here’s my favorites in descending order from best favorite to least favorite.


‘Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other.’

E panther mat C E L L E N 017 T Webster


‘Between the Lines’

E Red X IMG_1000 E is for everyone... L L E N T - traffic signal wiring box


‘The world was watching in 1972 as 11 Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Olympics. This is the story of what happened next.’

e X C e L L E N 019 T

Good Night, And Good Luck

‘We will not walk in fear of one another’


Brokeback Mountain

‘Love is a force of nature’


So in my opinion, Paul Haggis should have snatched the ‘Best Director’ award. But hey, who are we to complain anyways. It’s been announced, and it seems we are in the year of Ang Lee.

[Or this whole Oscar favorite movie posters and ratings just an excuse for me to fiddle around with Spell with Flickr. Am I totally jobless or what?? Maybe!]