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February 26, 1917

October 1, 2006

Original Dixieland Jazz Band1Original Dixieland Jazz Band2

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, five white guys from New Orleans cut the first jazz record, “Livery Stable Blues” in Victor’s New York Studios.

[Source: John Leland’s book ‘Hip: The History’]


12 year-old’s Playlist

August 12, 2006


Got a peek into the iPod playlist of a 12 year-old cousin of mine who’s from Stoke-on-Trent in UK and stumbled on these usual and unusual suspects:

Trivium / Bullet for My Valentine / System of A Down / Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Blink 182 / Lostprophets / Slipknot / Sum 41 / Tenacious D

And apparently this 12 year-old has established his presence on as a 14-year-old.

Rupert Murdoch made the right investment by buying MySpace.

Billboard Memories

July 28, 2006

Billboard banner

Saw this simple yet elegant banner ad for music’s original chart outpost Billboard. I should say its been a long time I clicked on a banner ad. But this ad kind of evoked memories of older times when the Billboard charts what where we looked for the new hot numbers out there. From the days of Chuck Berry to Roy Orbison to Roxy Music to A-ha. The site is not bad either, even though I didn’t spend too much time on it. A bit flash laden and totally hi-brow for the hipster generation. Kind of glad that Billboard has also moved on with the times.

United in Music

July 6, 2006


Ajay, a highschool buddy of mine and his musically inclined friends in different parts of the world have collaborated to bring us this absolutely brilliant online collection of original songs (in Malayalam, Hindi & Tamil). They have called this endeavour as “Blogswara” (Swara in Indian languages mean ‘melody’).

They have been spreading the word about their site mainly through online friends groups and networks. I’ve decided to spread the word through my humble blog. So if at all anybody gets to read this, please check the site and give them your honest comment. They have put in a worthwhile (and original) effort. Thank you!!

The Music Genome Project

July 4, 2006

Tagging is the most brilliant thing that’s happening to that phase of the internet that’s come to to be termed ‘Web 2.0’. You can do the photo tagging with Flickr. You can tag your movie preferences at Movielens. And now and the phenomenal guys at has put their brilliant minds and expertise to make the online music exprience tailored to our individual fancies. works more like a Yahoo Messenger or Skype where you download the executable program to your personal computer and you click on the icon on your desktop and play the songs according to your choice of artists or songs. I like their player window with all the neat designed icons to mark a song as favorite or ‘absolutely hate it’. You have to first create your profile on their site and then the best part starts. You tag your favorite artists and the site tracks your genre interests and preferences and cross tags it with thousands of choices of other users and you have musical neighbors who shares similar musical interests as yours. The best part of the whole experience is it allows you to discover new music that you otherwise wouldn’t have. And all this without wasting much of your precious time looking for it (you can if you are willing and have a great time at it!) coz you can put the player on while you are working on other more important stuff on your computer and discover what new artists or songs the player randomly selects. Pretty sweet experience.

I’ve rambled on about Now wait till you get to check out, like I did two days back and I’m hooked on it. These guys are one step ahead and gives you the player on the site itself(no need to download a program or anything). It’s a very simple interface (clean and absolutely brilliant). You can create your own station and keep adding the artists or songs of your choice. The sound quality is way better than And I’m getting to like the Pandora buttons and experience. And their backend software is way more powerful coz it plays most of the songs (almost 95%) to your taste.

The story behind Pandora is quite interesting. In 2000, a bunch of musicians and some brilliant technologists got together to create what is called the ‘Music Genome Project’ – to capture the genes of the various styles and genres of musical forms out there and put it together into a comprehensive musical database. An enormous task of combining musical creativity with cutting edge technological brilliance. You only need to check out to figure out that these guys where shit serious about what they are doing.

And I like the name they picked for this enormous endeavour – ‘Music Genome Project’. Can’t beat that.

The important thing in all this is how net 2.0 is revolutionalizing the net and (like the iPod and cellphones) making it possible to individualize music according to our tastes.

Quote of the Day

March 21, 2006


“Punk rock is freedom: punk rock is speaking your mind.”

– Israeli punk rock group Useless ID’s Yotam in the documentary movie ‘Jericho’s Echo’

[Source: YRB Magazine, Issue #61]

Top 3 Album Covers Feb 2006

March 5, 2006

I like these two fusion masters. Their names are very rougishly cool. Badmarsh is a take on the hindi word ‘badmash’ which means ‘rougue or rascal’. And Shri can be a name of a person or the suffix in Hindi for Mr. Together they are a more refined elegant duo of the bass & drum hindi electronic fusion movement popularised by more mainstream bands like Medieval Punditz, Talvin Sign, Asian Underground etc. This half face shot of the duo in shades of yellow and blue is a digitally divine cover.

The second best features Moby’s meditation on the world through the glass and steel of an urban highrise. While the third is a Scandinavian-influenced minimalistic gem from the Finnish electronic group Nuspirit Helsinki.

moby   NuspiritHelsinki-SelfTitled.jpg

Top 3 Album Covers Jan 2006

February 26, 2006

Chemical Brothers

This Chemical Brothers album cover is an absolute classic!!

These two are quite interesting and deserves mention…

Scritti-Politti Mololoko