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The Economist, The Logician & The Mathematician

September 30, 2006

Holy Cow!

Three Wise Men

I recently got to read the erratically cerebral brilliance of Mark Haddon’s writing in his ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog at the Night Time’. It is a book like no other in the sense that it conforms to no set writing order and still carries off an amazingly wierd story about the mindmappings of a mentally challenged boy. The above bit is a little joke from that mindmap.


Ass Savers

August 14, 2006

Studio MottoWieden+Kennedy is on a roll. I mean blogroll. Their Portland mothership blog is up and running. Which means my blog reading time has to increase daily to accomodate their whims and fancies on display.

This one-line description is pure funny minimalist genius. “The Studio. We Save Asses. (Yours)


August 13, 2006

Wink  Mullets Get Chicks  Pink Girl  DJ Jayme

“Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.”Mark Twain

Creepiest Advertising Icons

August 11, 2006

FedEx GuyThe cock n’ bull pun-intending guys at the hilarious has all sorts of wierd n’ creepy top ten listings. For starters here’s the top ten creepiest advertising icons of all time. My personal favorite is the FedEx man who is ranked #6. Check out the site and please beware of content of the nature of tasteless nudity and explicit verbal fecundity. Of course what else do you expect from a site that promotes itself as a place “where good taste and humour are a contradiction in terms, like a chaste whore”.

More Comic Sans Hatred

August 7, 2006

Comic Sans Strip
Apparently there is more hatred towards the font Comic Sans than we thought. Previously, I had blogged about a Flickr pool dedicated to preventing the ugliness of comic sans usage in public places. Today, I stumbled on this whole site dedicated to the movement of putting comic sans to rest.

Jessica Helfand at the Design Observer has this interesting piece aptly called ‘The Global Curse of Comic Sans’.

Ban Comic Sans

July 26, 2006

No Comic Sans Flickr always has surprises waiting if you dig deeper inside it. This time I landed on this group pool called “Ban Comic Sans”. It’s a rowdy eccentric bunch of European Flickr addicts posting random pictures which has words with the ‘comic sans’ font typface on it. Pretty bizarre. But it does give you a glimpse of a Europe where comic sans words pop at you from every corner. You just have to pay attention thats all. There’s a lot of comic sans ugliness out there aparently.

Chennai Rockstar Chic

July 6, 2006

Chennai Rockstar

This hoarding in Chennai is the work of some absolute genuis to promote the ‘Hottest Heavy Music Orchestra’ of Chennai. This dude is what I’ll call the ‘Real Chennai Mullet’ and who I’ll probably call if I were throwing a party. Must be an amazingly kick-ass experience to listen to them play their heavy music in those flashy outfits with that hairdo. Groovy…