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Font for the Day

August 13, 2006

Business of Bollywood


More Comic Sans Hatred

August 7, 2006

Comic Sans Strip
Apparently there is more hatred towards the font Comic Sans than we thought. Previously, I had blogged about a Flickr pool dedicated to preventing the ugliness of comic sans usage in public places. Today, I stumbled on this whole site dedicated to the movement of putting comic sans to rest.

Jessica Helfand at the Design Observer has this interesting piece aptly called ‘The Global Curse of Comic Sans’.

Ban Comic Sans

July 26, 2006

No Comic Sans Flickr always has surprises waiting if you dig deeper inside it. This time I landed on this group pool called “Ban Comic Sans”. It’s a rowdy eccentric bunch of European Flickr addicts posting random pictures which has words with the ‘comic sans’ font typface on it. Pretty bizarre. But it does give you a glimpse of a Europe where comic sans words pop at you from every corner. You just have to pay attention thats all. There’s a lot of comic sans ugliness out there aparently.