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“Losing Ahmad”

March 7, 2006

About two weeks back I was in Manhattan with a friend who was visiting on a business trip from India. We were roaming around Times Square on the Valentine’s Day night taking the usual pictures and stuff. It was right after the big snowstorm of the year, and it was pretty cold that night. Still in that deadbeat cold there was a Middle-Eastern looking guy standing there in the middle of the square with a video camera mounetd on a tripod. And he was asking the passing people and tourists to come and look into the camera for a few seconds.

This kind of caught my eye and I was curious to know what he was upto. So me and my buddy befriended him and asked him what he was working on. Apparently he’s working on a documentary feature called “Losing Ahmad”, which is the true story of a young Iraqi boy who loses his eye sight and an arm while returning from school because of an American bomb that was actually targeted towards some terrorists. A group of four Americans coordinates and brings him to the US for treatment. This documentary is supposed to be the story of the journey and what happened to Ahamed after that.

According to it’s Kuwait born director and producer Abdullah Boushahri, who is a graduate of the film program at Florida Atlantic University, the movie is pretty much finished and he’s shooting the final filler and other random shots. Meanwhile he has managed funding from some Kuwaiti organizations and BBC and now in the process of talking to HBO and other media companies. He is in the hope of screening the final version at select film festivals in US and abroad in the hope of getting the studios to buy the rights and market it in theatres.

It is a serious grassroots efforts by a novice filmaker who is trying to prove his creative vision by picking a noble and touching true story. Let’s hope he finds success and bring Ahmad’s story to the world. Anybody who gets a chance to read this visit the site at and publicize it in your own way. It’ll definitely be worth the effort to see this storytelling endeavor bear fruition. Thanks!!