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Tintin Vintage Car of the Month September 2006

September 30, 2006

This classic red speedster from ‘Cigars of the Pharaoh’ is a concoction of Herge’s vivid imagination. It is a combination concocted by using parts of an Alfa Romeo P3 from 1932 (equipped with a 2654cc engine which can reach a top speed of 230kph), the Amilcar CGSS from 1927 (which does a mere 100kph with its 1075cc engine) and the ERA from 1938. You can buy the die-cast model of this fused gem of a speedster from the Tintin site store. September is thus the retro speedster month.

Red Speedster1 Red Speedster2

Red Speedster3


Tintin Vintage Car of the Month July 2006

July 28, 2006

The classic Checker Taxi Model ‘E‘ is Tintin’s mode of transport when he lands in Chicago’s gangster infested downtown of the late 1920’s. In the comic ‘Tintin in America’, it’s the Checker Taxi that takes him around Al Capone’s den. Now available in perfect die-cast at the Tintin store.

Checker Taxi Model E 1

Checker Taxi Model E 2   Checker Taxi Model E 3

Tintin Vintage Car of the Month June 2006

June 29, 2006

Some of the brilliant cars from the Tintin adventures are for sale in die-cast formats. It is quite a steal if you are an avid Tintin fan as well as a vintage miniature model car collector. I’m dedicating one car per month from the classic Tintin Car collection. Cars we remember so well from Tintin’s adventures across the world. Here’s the first one, the Renault Reinastella 1931, that the villain Matsuhirato drives in Shanghai in ‘The Blue Lotus’.

The Blue Lotus1

The Blue Lotus2

Renault Reinastella 1931

Graphic Book Travalogues

March 10, 2006

Was browsing through a National Geographic Traveller magazine issue and chanced upon a small writeup about couple of travalogues that has been publiched in a sort of graphic-novel/comic book/journal format. I think it’s a wonderful idea to capture interesting travel stories with pictures, cartoons and other interesting tit-bits like tickets, souveniers, postcards etc thrown in. Still have to get my hands on these recommended titles, but looking forward to pick one up for my upcoming Singapore trip.

perfect hours carnet voyage 3Knights

comics-trips  mandala-river