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Four Lads and a Coincidence

July 6, 2006

Beatles - Let It Be

Blur - Best of Blur

Gorillaz - Demon Days
Is this a coincidence or what? Or absolute album cover design plagiarism?

But I kind of like the three covers. They are brilliant in their own way for the era of music they depict. It sort of shows a musical as well as technological and design evolution of sorts. The Beatles from the swinging sixties era to Blur’s Britpop blurs to Gorillaz remix animation gung-ho. As a matter of fact I like all three covers for whatever reasons it may be. One instance where plagiarism or the magic of borrowed ideas does work.


Top 3 Album Covers Feb 2006

March 5, 2006

I like these two fusion masters. Their names are very rougishly cool. Badmarsh is a take on the hindi word ‘badmash’ which means ‘rougue or rascal’. And Shri can be a name of a person or the suffix in Hindi for Mr. Together they are a more refined elegant duo of the bass & drum hindi electronic fusion movement popularised by more mainstream bands like Medieval Punditz, Talvin Sign, Asian Underground etc. This half face shot of the duo in shades of yellow and blue is a digitally divine cover.

The second best features Moby’s meditation on the world through the glass and steel of an urban highrise. While the third is a Scandinavian-influenced minimalistic gem from the Finnish electronic group Nuspirit Helsinki.

moby   NuspiritHelsinki-SelfTitled.jpg