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Ass Savers

August 14, 2006

Studio MottoWieden+Kennedy is on a roll. I mean blogroll. Their Portland mothership blog is up and running. Which means my blog reading time has to increase daily to accomodate their whims and fancies on display.

This one-line description is pure funny minimalist genius. “The Studio. We Save Asses. (Yours)


Creepiest Advertising Icons

August 11, 2006

FedEx GuyThe cock n’ bull pun-intending guys at the hilarious has all sorts of wierd n’ creepy top ten listings. For starters here’s the top ten creepiest advertising icons of all time. My personal favorite is the FedEx man who is ranked #6. Check out the site and please beware of content of the nature of tasteless nudity and explicit verbal fecundity. Of course what else do you expect from a site that promotes itself as a place “where good taste and humour are a contradiction in terms, like a chaste whore”.

Think Global, Act Stupid

August 7, 2006

I didn’t come up with this title. The phenomenally creative folks at W+K Amsterdam came up with this as the title for their new blog that has been up and running for the last couple of days. And from the looks of it, it is poised to entertain, inform and above all inspire us in the tradition of their London blog ‘Welcome to Optimism’.

Check it out and be inspired to act stupid, kick some ass and take some name.

Billboard Memories

July 28, 2006

Billboard banner

Saw this simple yet elegant banner ad for music’s original chart outpost Billboard. I should say its been a long time I clicked on a banner ad. But this ad kind of evoked memories of older times when the Billboard charts what where we looked for the new hot numbers out there. From the days of Chuck Berry to Roy Orbison to Roxy Music to A-ha. The site is not bad either, even though I didn’t spend too much time on it. A bit flash laden and totally hi-brow for the hipster generation. Kind of glad that Billboard has also moved on with the times.

Quantity v/s Quality

July 25, 2006

“It is not the quantity of time you spent on a project that counts, it is the quality and your state of mind.”Prasoon Joshi (Regional Creative Director for South and South East Asia – McCann Erickson)
Source: [Elle magazine, February 2006]

More than quantity or quality, the thing that matters most is ‘state of mind’.

Idea v/s Execution

July 24, 2006


Even us souls who inhabit the world of advertising often confuse between the ‘idea’ and ‘execution’. Think about explaining the difference to the average joe out there. Which I’ve occasionally had to, with mixed success. So it gives me great pleasure to bring to light Jean Marie Dru’s simple explanation of the same. Was going through his classic book ‘Disruption – Overturning Conventions and Shaking Up the Marketplace’, and found the brilliant idea v/s execution differentiation and by far this is the best. No wonder Dru is who he is.

“The idea expresses the benefit in an engaging, distinctive way. The execution is the way the idea is presented, explained and depicted (and not the way an ad is produced). Its role is to enhance the idea. An execution is an idea about the idea. In other words, the selling idea dramatizes the benefit, and the execution dramatizes the idea.”

And while we are on ‘Disruption‘, here’s another one of Dru’s timeless gems on inspiration.

“There are a multitude of registers and innumerable sources of inspiration. If we are observant, everyday life reveals thousands of customs, habits, and reflexes. Little things we steal from people, as an artist would, and which provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party Posters

July 20, 2006

The Michel Gondry directed live show hip-hop comic masterpiece of Dave Chappelle and his buddies on-stage Brooklyn repertoire is out on DVD (and I’ve been scrounging like a maniac through the video stores of Chennai to get my hands on one. No luck yet!!).

Went to the funky site for the movie and they have these cool posters, which are a part of a poster design contest put by the movie promoters. What a brilliant idea to tap into and showcase some of the raw design talent out there. Here’s my top three favorites from the funky poster bunch.

Block Party 2

Block Party 1

Block Party 3

Borrowed Wisdom of the Day

July 9, 2006

CP+B on BusinessWeek

“Inspiring your own culture is Job One before you do anything for a client.” – Jeff Hicks (President of hot-shot US ad agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky)

[Source: BusinessWeek cover story, May 22, 2006]

Borrowed Thinking of the Day

July 5, 2006

From today I’ve decided to rename the ‘Quote of the Day’ entry. It’s more appropriately named as “Borrowed Thinking”. And here’s the first one.

Wieden Quote

[Source: From Russell Davies’s blog]

Little Nuggets from Conversations with Account Planners in Singapore

April 7, 2006

Been talking to quite a few interesting characters from the account planning scene in Singapore. These are some of the interesting little nuggets that stood out from the conversations…

Singaporeans (and Singapore in general) are more of followers than leaders. For example, some three years back there was the big craze for a certain bubble-drink that came from Taiwan. Then ofcourse there was the deluge of coffee shops (Starbucks being the main suspect) and now there is the current onslaught of bread shops.

Chinese creative directors are mostly art directors while Indian CDs tend to be writers. Which is why Indian mostly Indian ads have substance and is about the idea while Chinese ads are more of the looks.

In India the software of the culture is very strong while it lacks in hardware (think infrastructure etc) while in China the hardware of the culture is strong and software is quite weak deep down.

Japan is a very paradoxical society. It's population is a couple of million individual Mt Fuji's contained with emotions and anxiety, which can erupt any moment. And the eruptions of their frustrations are seen in it's art form – movies, art, expressions, music etc.

Singapore is like a big huge (almost Truman Show-like) airport lounge. All the expats work or hang around here for anywhere from 2 to 12 years. After which they move on. So it's like their transit zone in South East Asia.

More to come as I meet up with more interesting planners in the coming weeks…