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Billboard Memories

July 28, 2006

Billboard banner

Saw this simple yet elegant banner ad for music’s original chart outpost Billboard. I should say its been a long time I clicked on a banner ad. But this ad kind of evoked memories of older times when the Billboard charts what where we looked for the new hot numbers out there. From the days of Chuck Berry to Roy Orbison to Roxy Music to A-ha. The site is not bad either, even though I didn’t spend too much time on it. A bit flash laden and totally hi-brow for the hipster generation. Kind of glad that Billboard has also moved on with the times.


Dave Chappelle’s Block Party Posters

July 20, 2006

The Michel Gondry directed live show hip-hop comic masterpiece of Dave Chappelle and his buddies on-stage Brooklyn repertoire is out on DVD (and I’ve been scrounging like a maniac through the video stores of Chennai to get my hands on one. No luck yet!!).

Went to the funky site for the movie and they have these cool posters, which are a part of a poster design contest put by the movie promoters. What a brilliant idea to tap into and showcase some of the raw design talent out there. Here’s my top three favorites from the funky poster bunch.

Block Party 2

Block Party 1

Block Party 3

Chennai Rockstar Chic

July 6, 2006

Chennai Rockstar

This hoarding in Chennai is the work of some absolute genuis to promote the ‘Hottest Heavy Music Orchestra’ of Chennai. This dude is what I’ll call the ‘Real Chennai Mullet’ and who I’ll probably call if I were throwing a party. Must be an amazingly kick-ass experience to listen to them play their heavy music in those flashy outfits with that hairdo. Groovy…