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Tintin Vintage Car of the Month September 2006

September 30, 2006

This classic red speedster from ‘Cigars of the Pharaoh’ is a concoction of Herge’s vivid imagination. It is a combination concocted by using parts of an Alfa Romeo P3 from 1932 (equipped with a 2654cc engine which can reach a top speed of 230kph), the Amilcar CGSS from 1927 (which does a mere 100kph with its 1075cc engine) and the ERA from 1938. You can buy the die-cast model of this fused gem of a speedster from the Tintin site store. September is thus the retro speedster month.

Red Speedster1 Red Speedster2

Red Speedster3


Feeling the Force

September 30, 2006

Am back in Chennai, India and have about a month of free time to do whatever I please, before I head off and spin the account planning turntable at McCann Erickson Singapore. What better time to catch up on things that you have been planning to do for sometime, but never got to do. And for me one of those things was watching the Star Wars series from Episode I to ‘The Return of the Jedi’. It’s the right time to recapture the technological and storytelling grandeur of the sci-fi epic saga by watching it in chronological order.

I just finished Episode I: The Phantom Menace and in fact sort of liked it way better than I did when I first watched it on the big screen back in 1999. I think the superb DVD quality and getting to watch it plonked in the comforts of your brand new lazy boy chair gives it a new dimension. And you can put subtitles on (when Jar-Jar Bings opens his mouth) and go back and forth between scenes at your own whim and fancy. Catch bits of dialogue you missed, get to watch the podracing sequence three times in a row and catch up on some amazing behind the scenes featurettes.

And before I sign off here’s some Star Wars wisdom from the hero and mentor of Episode I, Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn.



And last but not the least…


Nerd Defined

September 30, 2006

Nerd Defined

[Source: John Leland’s book ‘Hip: The History’]

23 Days & 22 Nights in Dubai

September 30, 2006

Here’s some snapshots from my recent trip to the outrageously outlandish cosmopolitan capital of the Middle East. Here the wine and women are aplenty and the buildings and upcoming construction projects even more outrageously whimsical than the one’s before. It’s one place where big and bold themes seem to rule.

Burj Icon  Burj Al Arab

The new cultural icon of modern Dubai, the Burj Al Arab, is an architectural marvel (inspired by the sails of a boat) and claims to be the world’s only seven-star luxury hotel.

Construction Jamboree  Construction Jamboree

The blazing heat of the sun or the sandstorms doesn’t seem like a hindrance to the frenetic construction projects going on all around the city. And each project is out to outdo the previous one in terms of size and sheer audacity. The one on the left is for the Burj Dubai which, upon completion, will have the title of the world’s tallest tower.

Neon Nights  Neon Nights

Neon is everywhere and seem to be the in-thing in Dubai and working (not in a Vegas kind of way though).

Souk Madinat  Souk Madinat

It is these eclectic collection of shops and bars and restaurants in a traditional Arabian souk-themed mall space that makes the Souk Madinat at the Madinat Jumeirah a unique and charming shopping space to walk around, unlike any of the bland and boring box-like malls of suburbia.

Modhesh  Silver Camel

The vibrant smile of Modhesh, the cute little charmer and icon of the Dubai Summer Festival is everywhere to welcome you and keep you company. Artifacts that signify the Persian culture and tradition, like this silver camel, is there to surprise you and refresh you of Arabia. It is these old and new world characters that add that much needed warmth to an otherwise frenetically paced, traffic clogged and burning hot Dubai.

The Economist, The Logician & The Mathematician

September 30, 2006

Holy Cow!

Three Wise Men

I recently got to read the erratically cerebral brilliance of Mark Haddon’s writing in his ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog at the Night Time’. It is a book like no other in the sense that it conforms to no set writing order and still carries off an amazingly wierd story about the mindmappings of a mentally challenged boy. The above bit is a little joke from that mindmap.

Intercourse, PA

September 10, 2006

Was going through a folder of some pictures I took when I went to Amish territory in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania back in March this year. We stumbled into a small town called Intercourse in the Amish heartland. Intercourse is the classic American town named after a noun. Don’t know what’s the story behind the naming. But here’s a few snapshots from in and around Intercourse, PA.

Welcome Attitude

Best Western Caution

Old Woodshed Gas Station