Idea v/s Execution


Even us souls who inhabit the world of advertising often confuse between the ‘idea’ and ‘execution’. Think about explaining the difference to the average joe out there. Which I’ve occasionally had to, with mixed success. So it gives me great pleasure to bring to light Jean Marie Dru’s simple explanation of the same. Was going through his classic book ‘Disruption – Overturning Conventions and Shaking Up the Marketplace’, and found the brilliant idea v/s execution differentiation and by far this is the best. No wonder Dru is who he is.

“The idea expresses the benefit in an engaging, distinctive way. The execution is the way the idea is presented, explained and depicted (and not the way an ad is produced). Its role is to enhance the idea. An execution is an idea about the idea. In other words, the selling idea dramatizes the benefit, and the execution dramatizes the idea.”

And while we are on ‘Disruption‘, here’s another one of Dru’s timeless gems on inspiration.

“There are a multitude of registers and innumerable sources of inspiration. If we are observant, everyday life reveals thousands of customs, habits, and reflexes. Little things we steal from people, as an artist would, and which provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”


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