Triple Quote of the Day

Paul Theroux Travels

“The more you write, the more you are capable of writing. Only amateurs wait for inspiration, the rest of us go to work, writing is work.”

“Nothing is more truthful than the fiction of a place.”

“Photographs appear not to be revealing of the person taking it, but in reality, says everything about the photographer.”

Paul Theroux (Novel & Travel Writer)

[Source: The Hindu Literary Review, July 2, 2006]


2 Responses to “Triple Quote of the Day”

  1. rockwatching Says:

    It is true about the writing but I suppose it is the amatures who write with passion and what is close to their hearts, it is the profession who writes with detatched logic. Well what would you hope to be reading and is quantity and logic preferable to conviction? I suppose the topic would dictate the worth of professional or amatuer. To be a really good writer I think you might have to be an amatuer who writes professionally.

  2. mohamedsalim Says:

    Every great writer was an amateur once. But the true worth of a writer is when he becomes big and he has to produce work that tops his previous work of brilliance. The consistancy and breadth of storytelling they can retain as they mature is the real acid test for a great writer.

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