Yin & Yang of Soccer

For every victory, someone has succumbed to defeat. Only the UN or corporate mergers & acquisitions lawyers would beg to differ and say it’s a win-win situation for all. For all else it’s the good-old Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang. For every sunshine is preceded by darkness (makes us appreciate the light even more). Happiness (yang) is acheived if only we see what misery (yin) really is. Boosts the feeling of happiness to a whole new level.

Enough of the philosophy crap. I guess you already got the point. So here’s the Yin-Yang of the first two quarter-finals of the World Cup.

German Yang

Germany – Yang

Argentine Yin

Argentina – Ying

Italian Yang

Italy – Yang

Ukranian Yin
Ukraine – Yin

[Photos courtesy of Fifaworldcup2006.yahoo.com]


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