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Thought for the Day

July 31, 2006

Represent Yourselves

Stencil graffiti at Vondelpark, Amsterdam, taken by Flickr:Kirja-addikti



July 31, 2006


And Business Week’s Best Global Brand #29 makes barrells of code.

Cheat Sheet

July 31, 2006


This image (from Business Week online) of Google reminded me of the cheat sheets of our high-school days. We used to write these tit-bits of information on our hands, conceal it from the teachers and then peek at it for the answers during the school exams. Those were more innocent days. These days we peek into google for the answers to most of our queries. How times have changed!!


July 31, 2006


Business Week’s Best Global Brand. Value: $67,000 million.

Value of the bycycle: Less than $10

Life without Love

July 30, 2006

Life without Love

Where? Near the lighthouse cliffs of Kannur in the southern state of Kerala, India

Big Boss Speak

July 29, 2006

Rupert Murdoch 

“The Internet is media’s golden age.” – Rupert Murdoch (Chairman – News Corporation)

[Source: Wired Magazine Issue 14.07, July 2006]


July 29, 2006

Flickr has this pool called ‘yay2dot0logoparody’, which is a parody collection of famous brand logo alterations, distortions or whatever you might want to call it for its transition to the Web 2.0 economy. Some of them are cool and creative while others are a bit flat and totally wane. Otherwise, an interesting pool of some raw talent.

Here’s three of my personal favorites:




Art I’d like to make…

July 29, 2006

Floppy Space Invader

Being a Space Invader fan myself, this art piece of the Invader made from old 5″ floppy disks is what I would have enjoyed or looked forward to making by myself. Alas the idea didn’t occur to me, but to this dude in Berlin. Besides I trashed away all my old floppies ages back. Two damn lousy reasons why I’m confined to sit and admire someone else’s creativity.

Adcenter v/s adCenter

July 28, 2006

Read in this New York Times article that Microsoft is launching its own search advertising technology called adCenter to take on Google’s Adwords. The name they chose is apparently the same as my alma mater – the VCU Adcenter. Is this a coincidence or what? The only difference being the capitalized ‘C’ in the Microsoft one.

The Adcenter has a blog here while the adCenter one is here.

When I did a Google search for the term ‘adcenter’ this was the result. The first three were for the new Microsoft one while the VCU Adcenter could only score fourth place.

Billboard Memories

July 28, 2006

Billboard banner

Saw this simple yet elegant banner ad for music’s original chart outpost Billboard. I should say its been a long time I clicked on a banner ad. But this ad kind of evoked memories of older times when the Billboard charts what where we looked for the new hot numbers out there. From the days of Chuck Berry to Roy Orbison to Roxy Music to A-ha. The site is not bad either, even though I didn’t spend too much time on it. A bit flash laden and totally hi-brow for the hipster generation. Kind of glad that Billboard has also moved on with the times.