Of Faces and Flags (Group C)

And now for the heroes of Group C. Rock on champs!!

Argentina Fan Ivory Coast Fan

Serbian Fan Dutch Fan

Photo Courtesy: FifaWorldCup.Yahoo.com (Argentina) / Newsimg.bbc.co.uk (Ivory Coast) / FifaWorldCup.Yahoo.com (Serbia & Montenegro) / FifaWorldCup.Yahoo.com (Nederlands)


One Response to “Of Faces and Flags (Group C)”

  1. Rob Says:

    Why the hell Fuji, Canon or Dulux don’t sponsor aspects of the World Cup is beyond me.

    Lets face it, the vibrancy of the nationalistic colours worn by the fans at the games, demonstrates the power, beauty and grace of colour better than any soddin’ colour chart or TV ad.

  2. mohamedsalim Says:

    It’s beyond me too. I have pondered the same in my mind whenever I see the colors of the world cup. Maybe Fuji should have tied up with the guys at Flickr and started a photo pool for the pictures taken by the World Cup spectators or something of that sort. Something that I’m sure would have paid them richer dividends than sponsoring and putting their nameboard at each and every animal lookout at the Singapore Zoo (which was quite annoying by the way!!).

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