Tuna for Puma

Just got to see an interesting take on the Puma brandname and logo on a t-shirt in Singapore. It was called Tuna and had a tuna fish jumping over the typefont instead of a puma.Unfortunately, didn't have mycamera to catch it.

Now, what product or service or whatever can we come up with to give it a brandname called Tuna. A swimwear brand, a deep sea diving gear brand, a cloting brand… 


17 Responses to “Tuna for Puma”

  1. Risha Says:

    i saw tht shirt too…on Dubai Airport…someone was wearing it. I wanted a picture too. :(. missed it.

  2. Risha Says:

    i found a pic! google it!

  3. mohamedsalim Says:

    Awesome!! Thanks Risha.

  4. carlleroysmith Says:

    just seen teh t-shirt on a Greenpeace Video Podcast titled ‘Why tuna farming stinks’. Find it through iTunes.

  5. deena Says:

    I saw it in Turkey! Would love to buy one for my boyfriend!!!

  6. Guavabene Says:

    I saw that in Disneyland Paris! I want one!!! (for my fish)

  7. doris Says:

    hey, love it too. saw it on several people. now here you can order it. http://www.cafepress.com/buy/Tuna/-/pv_design_details/pg_1/id_3346935/opt_/fpt_/c_360/

    I’ve seen more colorful pics, like white tuna on red. but cant find it.

  8. Martijn Says:

    A very late reaction, but the company that makes them is Gorilla… you can see the shirts at http://www.gorillatshirts.com

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  15. booboo Says:

    Uh, some spam on here.

    Anyway, I was looking at this Tuna Puma shirt and cracking up and thought I’d try to find the story. I guess there’s no story to find really. But there’s also a funny BUNNY one I guess by the same guy… http://www.cafepress.com/bunnysports

  16. Sophia G Says:

    just meandered by….

    God love google, great site. Take care….

  17. marek Says:

    do you have maybe also link to duth site with that stuff??? of on that site are prices in euro??

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