Graphic Book Travalogues

Was browsing through a National Geographic Traveller magazine issue and chanced upon a small writeup about couple of travalogues that has been publiched in a sort of graphic-novel/comic book/journal format. I think it’s a wonderful idea to capture interesting travel stories with pictures, cartoons and other interesting tit-bits like tickets, souveniers, postcards etc thrown in. Still have to get my hands on these recommended titles, but looking forward to pick one up for my upcoming Singapore trip.

perfect hours carnet voyage 3Knights

comics-trips  mandala-river


2 Responses to “Graphic Book Travalogues”

  1. lassie Says:

    Nice site. Thank to work…

  2. mohamedsalim Says:

    Thanks Lassie for your kind remarks! Glad to know somebody appreciates the mostly random mumbo jumbo observations of an ad planner..:-)

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