Oscar Ads

Got to see two brilliant ads while watching the Oscars couple of hours back. I call them brilliant coz its been a longtime since I saw any ad that grabbed your curiosity and made you think for which product could it be for.

The two ads I refer to were for Miller Genuine Draft Beer (which shows instances of people getting stuck before an imaginary line which makes them think whether it’s worthwhile to cross that line to go and do whatever they have set out to do) and American Express (like in the tradition of the AmEx ‘My Life My Card’ ads featuring such celebrities as Robert De Niro, Tiger Woods, Kate Winslet etc, this one features surprise, surprise director Manoj Night Shyamalan in a paranormal take on a restaurant dining setting).

For both ads the beauty was that I couldn’t figure out for which brand they were for. And once I found out in the end what they were for, just that the ad narrative had caught my attention and took me to its conclusion was itself utterly rewarding. Great work at a time when TV spots are being cremeted day-by-day.


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