Fakirs & Dragonslayers: My Other Blog Goes Live

I pretty much figured that I’m way into graffiti and comic books and street art and graphics to not dedicate a whole new blog on the subject. Plus am getting a kick and thrill of using WordPress and learning different features of it every other day. It’s a whole new blogging world out there and am also on the bandwagon.

The idea behind “Fakirs & Dragonslayers” is to kind of archive the different characters that pop up in graffiti and street art accross the world. Most of the snaps have been selected by me from the contributions of other (mostly Flickr) photographers around the world who go about their cities snapping up the decay and beauty that is written accross its street walls. Thus the blog is an assorted collection of familir character spottings and other graphical elements from street walls. Collectively they are the Wall Stories of the world.

So click on and enjoy…..


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