Comic Book National Heroes

astroboy tintin-brussels

In some countries, comic book heroes are almost revered as national heroes. There’s an Astroboy statue (a cool colorful one) outside Japan’s Kyoto station. Same applies in Belgium where there are statues of Tintin and Snowy. In India most of the Hindu mythical gods are worshipped as statues.

Guess it’s high time New York City got its due in the form of a Batman or Spiderman statue or sculpture. Gotham city needs to pay its tribute to its caped dark crusader.

Or it’d be totally cool if the Simpsons popped up as statues in every Springfield in the US. And at last count every state in US seem to have a Springfield.

I believe its an absolutely fantastic idea to pay tribute to our comic book heroes. We do have our reverance for Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, our presidents etc etc. It’d be ultra cool to celebrate our imaginary heroes.


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