‘Made in Palastine’ Exhibit

Rubber-Coated Rocks  I am a Donkey

A first of its kind Palastinian art exhibition called “Made in Palastine” is all set to open in NYC on March 14th. It is interesting because I don’t think art is the first thing that comes to anybodys mind when they think of Palastine. It’s mostly negative things and despair that is easily tagged to Palastine. I think this exhibition would be an eye-opener for people in the West who have been fed a very one-sided warped view of the Palastine region as a whole. I also hope that this exhibition is curated by other well known museums in other cities in the world.

I personally am curious to see the artistic expression that has come out of Palastine. Other than 2004’s Divine Intervention and the current Oscar foreign film nominee from Palastine Paradise Now, I haven’t had much of a chance to see Palastinian creativity. Therefore I am keenly looking forward to it.

Edward Said would have been truly proud had he been alive today.


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