Astroboy Rules!!


In Wired Mag’s 50 Best Robots ever issue, Japanese animations original posterboy Ozamu Tezuka’s classic Astroboy has notched up the 2nd spot. I was surprised to see a cartoon character up there. But then again Astroboy is no ordinary cartoon character. He’s the only unique (cute-looking that too) superhero who can defy gravity and burst into the skies like a rocket with jet propulsion aided by his ass. Sweet!!!

The coveted robot top 10 is as follows:

1. Stanley (Its a super-duper VW Taureg turned into a robot by some Stanford geeks)

2. Astroboy

3. Spirit & Opportunity (the two bots send to Mars)

4. Bobby the Robot (from the 1966 film Forbidden Planet inspired by Ariel in Shakespeare’s The Tempest)

5. Shakey (another 1972 bot creation from the Stanford guys)

6. Qrio (a Sony creations; recently used by Beck in his video for “Hell Yes”)

7. The Mechanical Knight (a Mark Rosheim creation inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s 1495 automated suit of armor with a windup crank)

8. Da Vinci Surgical System (a total robotic surgeon)

9. Dante II (a Carnegie Mellon Univ creation which made volcano research more humane)

10. The Stanford Cart (the Stanford creation which inspired Grand Challenge finishers and KITT from Knight Rider)

Am no geek, but hey it was quite cool to take a peak at these amazing creations of mechanical ingenuity. Only Astroboy was created in a storyline format in the imagination of a young artist in World War II Japan. Its the only one that’s totally imaginary and not created on a scientific platform for research or some end purpose. So thank you Wired Mag for recognizing the true grit of the human imagination.


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