Adcenter on PSFK

My alma mater VCU Adcenter has been spotted on yesterdays PSFK blogline. It’s a writeup on a presentation that the bright new students at Adcenter made at the Future Marketing Summit about their vision on the future advertising agency.

Couple of good smart points in there. Kind of reminded me of the same topic that was thrown at us way back in 2001/2002 when we were doing the ad-school grind. At that time the dot-com bubble had just burst and evrybody had second thoughts about where the whole online ad revolution was headed. Many of us never paid much attention or gave importance to the interactive communications class. Wish I had.

It is interesting to note that after all the hocus-pocus on the internet startup craze in the late 90s, all the weed has been separated from the chaff and the ones with real business models have survived. And now with the advent of the Google model of advertising and Web 2.0, Madison Ave has started recognizing the fact that creativity is not just about making a great looking visually arresting print or TV ad as consumers are more empowered than ever.

A fresh blog post from Russell Davies makes the definition of creativity ever more clear in today’s context. Russell borrows a quote from Ken Robinson (had never heard of him) which says “creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value”. Brilliant!!


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